This is a alpha version and still under heavy development. Please use it for testing purposes only!!

Welcome to GangGo!

GangGo is a decentralized social network written in GoLang. It uses the same federation library like Diaspora, Mastodon and therefore can participate in conversations like any other Pod!

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GangGo works decentralized which means that not a single person owns all the data. It is splitted between hundreds of servers! This leaves you with two options a) you can register at one of these server or b) you can set up your own instance.

Make a contribution!

Make GangGo even better! Fork the project on GitLab make some changes, and submit a pull request. Why? Cause we are open-source \m/

Why GangGo?

A Ganggo is a friendly helper, good-natured man. You will understand it if you are from the South of Germany. I thought it is a match especially cause it ends in 'GO' :)